About Us

About us


The Azienda Agricola Ardito is a company of more than 40 hectares which extends between Andria and Minervino Murge, near Castel del Monte, 50 km from Bari, in the heart of Puglia. Olive trees, vineyards and pomegranate trees characterize the company  that follows an organic regime.

“I come from a family of farmers, my grandfather was a farmer and those before him as well. I am the third of six children and, at one point I felt the need to have a family of my own, so the desire to put into practice everything my father had taught me arose within me, through my very own company. Along with my wife Nicla I started this journey that is both tiring and rewarding at the same time. Just like all the  projects are when they seem to be bigger than us. My family has always owned to the cultivation of olive trees and vineyards and so I have devoted myself to them.”


Ever since we met, Felice has always told me about his work projects. That’s how we started with a small vineyard. Then with an estate of 30 hectares of olive trees and then vineyards, reaching over 40 hectares. In particular, I still remember when Felice, enthusiastic, brought me for the first time to visit the olive grove. It was love at first sight. Entering this park with 4 km of inland roads made me really excited. Felice has always had a special approach towards our lands, talking about our plants as children constantly in need of special care and attention. That’s why it seemed almost a natural passage to convert our farm into a biological regime. And then, always with a focus on a health-based approach, we decided to dedicate a bit of our estate to the pomegranate. There are 500 planted pomegranates there, almost as if they are protected by 9,500 olive trees.”


“At some point we thought that we could not keep all this just to ourselves. That is how the need to give a precise identity to our products was born, by giving them a dress that would allow them to reach all those who wanted to share our method of farming. Our projects are always growing, like our plants, like our children. Recently we involved them in choosing the names of the olive groves streets. Because they belong to us and we wanted to give a geographical reference to those who are going through the estate. So now we have: Viale Ardito, Viale Andante, viale del Rosmarino (Rosemary Street), viale dei Papaveri (Poppies Avenue), viale Nascosto (Hidden Avenue) and  viale dei Melograni (Avenue of Pomegranates).”

Felice e Nicla