Organic for passion

30 hectares, 9,500 olive trees. This is where Org.olio comes from. In our Andria estate, featuring 4 km of roads that wind through the land, we treat the olive groves according to our “way” of cultivating that features respect for the land, memory of the Apulian tradition and innovation for olives.

Thanks to this mix of knowledge, our series of extra virgin olive oils is born. Org.Olio and Org.Olio Bio, are born from our passion for organic farming. Org.Olio and Org.Olio Bio are produced only with 100% Coratina cultivar olives coming only from our lands and because of this they are limited edition products.

To ensure an excellent extra virgin olive oil, the olives are carefully followed during their “journey” from the branch to cold squeezing. Org.Olio and Org.Olio Bio have a very low acidity, a fundamental element for a high quality product. The constant attention to olive trees, the harvesting of olives directly from the tree, the correct degree of ripening of the fruit and the quick pressing, make of Org.Olio and Org.Olio Bio a unique extra virgin oil.

Org.Olio and Org.Olio Bio are essential ingredients in a balanced diet, thanks to the large presence of polyphenols and antioxidants, and excellent on the palate with a slightly spicy and strong yet balanced taste.

Monocultivar coratina

Org.Olio and Org.olio Bio are the utmost expression of our territory. The Coratina variety, from which our extra virgin olive oil line is born, is a typical olive cultivar of Puglia that boasts a millennial history.

Cultivated throughout the agro of the Northern Barese, thanks to its ability to withstand the cold climate of the Murge, it is a true work of art that nature has given us and that Puglia’s peasant culture preserves and proudly hands down its cultivation.

Known for strong flavor, fruity and intense, the Coratina cutivar stands out not only for its organoleptic properties but also for the high content of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that prevent the onset of diseases in the cardiovascular system and delay cellular aging.